Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Looking for Indian, Chinese and US students for a collaborative project!

I'm still digesting my last recent trip and have a lot of interesting materials and thoughts to share. In the meantime, I don't want to miss the opportunity to collaborate in this very interesting project. I wish my kids were doing science!!!Unfortunately it is only available to students with the Indian, Chinese or US citizenship OR to undergraduates in those countries. I'm sure the program will be a success and expand onto other regions soon!

Mike Snyder, CEO and founder of iFEST sent me this invitation. Please forward it to students you might know and if you are one yourself, consider applying. The deadline is coming up soon, so act FAST.

"It is a pleasure to let you know about the US-China-India International Innovation Camp that we are planning at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for July this year. iFEST and RPI would like to invite applications from the best and brightest undergraduate students in these three countries to join us for hands-on lab projects, and in-depth learning about how real world problems can be addressed by technology driven entrepreneurship.

The deadline for students to apply is March 6th, fast approaching. Although we can be flexible for your students until about March 20th or so.

The application process is very simple:

Students can download the application form on the 1st page of our website at http://www.ifest.info/iFEST-RPIInnovationCampApplicationInfoForm.doc. Prospective students just need to fill out the application form and return via email attachment or hardcopy, along with recommendation letters, etc. Also, please see more details about the Camp in the flyer on our website at http://www.ifest.info/iFEST-RPIInternationalInnovationCampFlyer.pdf."

Just for the record, RPI is one of the best Universities in terms of technology and entrepreneurship. My father was a student there decades ago, and I participated for years in a program for young (mjm young...) researchers on venture capital. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to participate in an amazing experience. Please help spread the word.

All the best,

Alicia Castillo Holley


Naman said...


I am an undergrad student studying in India. I am pursuing a B.Tech. In Mechanical & Energy Engineering.

I have applied for IFEST 2009. I think it is an amazing opportunity for me to learn.

This comment has nothing to do with your post.

I harbour a passion for enterprenurship. I dream about starting my own enterprise.

I compeletely agree with your statement 'action' is 50% and inspiration is the other 50%.

I will be honest. Action is what seprates a 'Wanna-Prenur from an Enterprenur. I believe right now i am just a wanna-prenur like millions others.

As i was going through your profile, and the kind of work you have been assoicated with i just could not help tell myself- : I want to be like this person. This person is truly an enterprenur by heart and spirit.

I just thought i would tell you this.

I just thought it will be a good idea to get in touch with you.

In you i see a source of inspiration which will help me realise my dream.

My email id is sanghvinaman@yahoo.com. I will also be following your blog.

I have been awarded 'Young Innovator of the Year 2008' for a project i had done by LRAMP(- a joint Initiative of The lemelson Foundation, USA, Rural Innovations Network India, and IIT, Chennai, India).

I would absolutely love to discuss this project and general enterprenurship with you.

jimmy said...

this is not always true because ongoing companies create business plans, project plans, new product plans, and plans for acquiring and integrating other ventures. General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” jimmy