Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Venture Capital is good for you?

It is always so nice when someone captures your thoughts around cyberspace. Tony Malkovic posted a note all the way back in October on Science Voice... and I could not be happier by the way he summarized my words:

“What entrepreneurs get out of venture capital is not the money, it’s the support, it’s the capacity to create wealth. It’s the knowledge of what to do and what not to do, so you can maximise your resources.” - Alicia Castillo Holley, Wealthing Group

Here is the link to the highlights of the event:

Organized last year to foster innovation and investments, the Leading Lights conference was another step in the right direction.

It will take many more to get this trend comming, but we are getting there.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PMU's visit. Dammam, Saudi Arabia

If you want to be inspired by people changing the world, I couldn't but recommend the PMU in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The group of people that Dr. Isaa (hey, they go by their first names there) has formed is fascinating. Dr. Nassar, Dr. Zlatica and Dr. Res are establishing a leading organization.

PMU, which stands for Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, was created by a vissionary to provide high quality education to men and women in the region. The campus, carefully planned to account for their cultural values, is beautiful. I had the opportunity to visit the auditorium, and get two tours, one with the technology officer, and one with the head of the library. This is not only world class but state of the art.

Keep them in mind... This young university will be one of the top providers of high quality education in the region in no time.

Here is a picture of my meeting with the authorities. Missing fromt he picture is Dr. Nassar.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tweet, tweet, tweet

We are still working on understanding how do we create wealth.

Basically we can do that two ways: we create new markets or we reduce costs. In both cases, our net profit incresases, allowing us to feed that back into the economy: growing and spending: we then create new jobs, demand new services, pay more taxes. Everybody wins.

We create new markets by finding uncontested market space: in our own industry, in the industry next door, in an industry that is in itself being created.

Let's see a new market: twitter

I just succumbed to twitter, ( thanks to John Kremer, a marketing guru for authors. As I am not to wait until my books sell, I sought his expertise. From twitter, I moved to tweetlater and to postlater and to tweet analytics.... I envisioned there would be at least a hundred companies promoting the better use of tweets.

Chris Pirillo, a well known geek has posted several youtubes on tweets...

Alex Mandossian, another marketing guru, started a group to maximize the use of tweeter, for only $30/ month. I am sure they will be sharing best practices, secrets and so forth.

I laughed at twitter first but I am curious to see where this all would go to.

and well, yes, I tweet, I use tweetlater and I have a life.

I couldn't tweet without tweet later.

here is to your tweet,


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Starting a trend

Starting a trend is easier than we think... the magic number is three...

There is a saying in Spanish: One is a loner, two is a couple, three is a multitude..

The first one makes a move... the pioneer... another might or might not follow.
The second one creates a balance... connects
The third one creates a trend... a multitude...

Watch how this works on a Sasquatch Music Festival... Enjoy it!