Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Chinese Story

Beijing was celebrating because of the Olympic Games; the energy was fascinating. I walked along the CEO of a major Chinese firm towards the Bird Nest. We were excited about watching the 100 men meter race. His English was impeccable. As we passed along a small lake, 4 or 5 ducks frolicked. He stopped and smiled. Then turned around and told me: Ducks in Beijing! I never thought I could see this!

I smiled as he continued: “You know, we were so hungry, people would take it home any wildlife to eat. You see, we were very poor. I mean –he paused- my grandparents were rich, they had a summer home, and a small brick factory, but after the revolution they lost everything. Not only what they had physically. My parents had to work very hard, we were displaced. It was very difficult. Some of my relatives die of hunger. I realized I had to study very very hard to honor my parents. I finally got to go to University, in another state. We were so poor –he sighted- I only had two shirts in four years, can you imagine? I washed one and used the other one. You could almost see through the fabric when I finished.”

I nodded with admiration. And he continued: I am so lucky! And he breathed in with a sense of wonder, pride and reflexion.

I was speechless… He felt lucky! And indeed he was.

As we continue walking to the Bird Nest to watch a competition, I thought that it is that sense of gratitude that drives us to do the impossible.

I wish I could say I’m not going to complain again, that’s why I am writing this story, to remind me that we are indeed lucky, and to share that beautiful Chinese story.

I thought that it could touch your heart. What do you think?

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