Saturday, September 20, 2008

Surprise me

A surprise provokes fascinating emotions. This wealth drop is dedicated to those who find ways to add a spark to our lives by doing the unexpected. By the way, thanks Carlos for the postcard from South Africa. Quite a surprise!

It was Lynda Dorrington, CEO of Form, an Australian Organization, who inspired me to develop the theme. Ever since I came to Perth, Lynda has relentlessly foster a discussion to make the city more vibrant. She has pushed the envelope bringing experts from overseas and has engaged top notch research to understand what it takes to transform Perth into the Creative Capital of the world.

So, where is Perth? It claims to be the most isolated city in the world, yet I’ve been to other isolated places. It is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities I’ve ever seen; with lakes, parks, soft hills, the bluest sky you can only imagine, a fresh smell of Eucalyptus and plenty of birds and bike ways. It is the only city that I know where you can literally go for swim from downtown, or fish and actually eat what you catch, right there on the steps of the city centre. There is a certain ‘nostalgie’ of the past, with plenty of houses keeping the traditional tuckpointed walls and tile roofs.

Lynda seeks more participation to her discussion, yet being a global citizen myself, I don’t think we should limit the conversation to our residents. What creates a vibrant city? I like a city that has surprises… but I generally like surprises, it keeps us alert and alive. When was the last time you surprised someone?

Well, I’m just about to try to do so. Just read on…

I don’t know what creates a vibrant city but having been to 13 airports in the last 3 months across four continents I can tell you that the world is becoming boring, or well, how can I say it? Predictable! Q’l horror as the Swiss would say.
Yeah… we like predictability so we can feel secure and plan accordingly, then something kicks in. An external change or the need for chaos. Yes, I know, I’ve also been hit by the financial crisis… even so, we can only take so much predictability, it kills our creativity and innovation.

So, we need to revert to something unusual. I like a city where I can be surprised, just like I like surprises. When you send me a note it is fantastic. I don’t expect it, and I love it, whether it is a positive or a negative comment.

Surprises keep us agile and alert. Companies that surprise us capture a space in our minds. They raise above the rest, they treat us in unusual ways, either as customers, employees, suppliers or as part of their community. We need to add more of that. Both on our businesses and at our personal level.

When was the last time you surprised someone? When did you develop a product or a service that would surprise your customers?

Well, I am just about to release two books and a DVD… on three completely different topics I’ve been working on for years: the 10 unwealthy habits, Falling in love with your life, and How to fund your million dollar idea. Now, if you want to get a deal on any of them, preorder now at $10 each, pls postage, on any number or combinations you might want to add. Just drop us a note and we’ll keep you on file and send you a paypal request when it is ready to ship.

I would love to surprise you even more running a contest… and here is the thing, next week I’m going to a place called Halls Creek, to explore ways that we can transform the lives of some of these kids… and we are going to need A LOT of help. I want to find a way to convince them to switch from living from well fare to paying taxes.

What can I do to surprise these kids, so used to arrogant white fellows telling them what to do?

Bring that on!


PD: whether you are in the part of the world that is living on crisis or not, give someone a surprise.. and if you want to surprise Lynda at leave them a note on what makes a city creative? There is an interactive button on the site.

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