Monday, August 17, 2009

Entrepreneurship and Innovation vs Corporation

Jim Hesket, from Harvard Business School posted a very interestig dilemma...

Do Innovation and Entrepreneurship Have to Be Incompatible with Organization Size?

I love the dilemma, for when I met my husband I told him I've never knew a happy and successful corporate executive... and he told me he had never met a happy and successful entrepreneur. The reasons why we both succeed is a powerful combination of the three Ps: passion, purpose and prosperity.

What works for me is creative destructionism... what works for him is impecable execution. Eventually I hope we'll find a way to meet in between -instead of complementing each other!

The main issue with innovation is that it has been poorly executed, the main issue with entrepreneurship is that most tools are about safety, and invariable, as I was telling my friend Nicolas Erdordy in New Zealand, it's all about playing 'safe' and setting goals so low that they are reachable. The main issue with corporations is that risk and chaos is poorly managed. In all cases, we forget the most valuale lesson: Businesses don't make decisions, people do!

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Are corporations againgt entrepreneurship and innovation?

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