Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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There is a lot of buzz on the international social media... I've succumbed to twitter and am starting to get it in my life unobstrusively... and I use facebook more on the personal side, just to keep up with my large family which otherwise is too time consuming, being all over the world.

What does social networking look like by country? Sure, Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn and MySpace have huge international followings, but indigenous social networks have also grown up within certain countries that are beginning to reach beyond their own borders.

So considering Intranets other than the dominant players in the US, take a look at the TOP TEN social networks that are flourishing around the globe.


read it and be amazed...

Local sites, however are very interesting. Having worked in many countries and visited over 40 so far, I know that there are very interesting differences in cultures and generations... I wonder if we are going to call this the F (for finger) generation... so many things are a finger click away, but that would probably be inconsiderate to people who don't have fingers. I'm not joking, as two of the people I admire most in the world have no fingers (they are christians for those of you who need warning) Yeap, Tony Melendez and Vic Vujicic... they both have fantastic videos youtube.com so, no F generation.

getting back to social media, the locals are building up something too big to call a niche...

because I believe that we need to work more on creating prosperity and wealth, not attracting it, I think these sites and these people give us the opportunity to explore that.


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