Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Starting a trend

Starting a trend is easier than we think... the magic number is three...

There is a saying in Spanish: One is a loner, two is a couple, three is a multitude..

The first one makes a move... the pioneer... another might or might not follow.
The second one creates a balance... connects
The third one creates a trend... a multitude...

Watch how this works on a Sasquatch Music Festival... Enjoy it!

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Naman said...

A very interesting concept.
I had the good fortune to witness a similar incident. This might be hard to believe, I wish i had a video to prove it, nevertheless i would like to describe the whole incident.

Chennai is a metropolitan of India and has one of the biggest train- stations of India. Me and 3 other friends were travelling back to our college ( A 3 hour train ride from Chennai). We reached the station at the 11th hour and were not able to get tickets of 'the reserved compartment'.

Left with no choice we boarded the 'general Compartment'. General compartment is the boggie where only the poorest of the people travel. Labourers, masons, carpenters, sweepers are the inhabitants of this boggie. The killer heat of India was upon us and the compartment was old, filthy, smelly and disgusting. The compartment was cramped up and me and my friends had to sit on the dirty floor which had not been mopped since years.

I was cursing my bad luck all along the way. At various stations vendors and beggars got in and got out.
Now at a particular station a 'small group of traditional folk singers'entered the compartment. As soon as they entered they started singing songs praising God in all his/her glory.

To be honest, with all the discomfort their loud voices only added to the irritation.

Folk songs and singers are quite common in this part of India and on the next station another group of singers got on board. The previous group had not stopped. In fact now they had switched to 'traditional local lore'. It was not long before this new group also joined in.

As the train cruised along it got dark and the cool wind blowed into my face kind of soothing it. Be it the sudden shift in weather or the fact that some odd 10 people were singing the same song, a strange thing happened...

Somebody from the train joined in the singing, and then another....before I knew it there were another roughly 12 people who joined in the singing.

I was simply speechless. I had heard of this concept before, but for the 1st time had I ever seen it in reality. A rotting compartment filled with the poorest of the poor was suddenly lit up by songs and laughter.

Me and my friends witnessed in astonishment as to how 'the trend'was created. The rest of the journey was a blur.

I was forced to think that day. That train journey shall definitely be etched in my mind as one of those memories which you just never forget.

true starting a trend is much easier than we think.