Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PMU's visit. Dammam, Saudi Arabia

If you want to be inspired by people changing the world, I couldn't but recommend the PMU in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The group of people that Dr. Isaa (hey, they go by their first names there) has formed is fascinating. Dr. Nassar, Dr. Zlatica and Dr. Res are establishing a leading organization.

PMU, which stands for Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, was created by a vissionary to provide high quality education to men and women in the region. The campus, carefully planned to account for their cultural values, is beautiful. I had the opportunity to visit the auditorium, and get two tours, one with the technology officer, and one with the head of the library. This is not only world class but state of the art.

Keep them in mind... This young university will be one of the top providers of high quality education in the region in no time.

Here is a picture of my meeting with the authorities. Missing fromt he picture is Dr. Nassar.

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