Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tweet, tweet, tweet

We are still working on understanding how do we create wealth.

Basically we can do that two ways: we create new markets or we reduce costs. In both cases, our net profit incresases, allowing us to feed that back into the economy: growing and spending: we then create new jobs, demand new services, pay more taxes. Everybody wins.

We create new markets by finding uncontested market space: in our own industry, in the industry next door, in an industry that is in itself being created.

Let's see a new market: twitter

I just succumbed to twitter, ( thanks to John Kremer, a marketing guru for authors. As I am not to wait until my books sell, I sought his expertise. From twitter, I moved to tweetlater and to postlater and to tweet analytics.... I envisioned there would be at least a hundred companies promoting the better use of tweets.

Chris Pirillo, a well known geek has posted several youtubes on tweets...

Alex Mandossian, another marketing guru, started a group to maximize the use of tweeter, for only $30/ month. I am sure they will be sharing best practices, secrets and so forth.

I laughed at twitter first but I am curious to see where this all would go to.

and well, yes, I tweet, I use tweetlater and I have a life.

I couldn't tweet without tweet later.

here is to your tweet,


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